Biohacker Nutritional Supplements Brand
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  • Mise à jour le 12/03/2024
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Represents a unique opportunity to acquire a growth-oriented, mid-market nutritional supplement brand that has become one of the world's leading health product companies, known for its scientifically-backed supplements that help reduce or even reverse the effects of ageing on humans.

Biohacking, also known as human enhancement, is the process by which health-conscious people make incremental changes to their bodies, diets and lifestyles to improve their health and well-being. Biohacking ranges from efforts to improve brain function to faster weight loss.

Sales have grown steadily over the past three years and despite this aggressive growth, the company has maintained an impressive net margin of 60%, which is unheard of in the supplements industry as a whole. Much of this can be attributed to the company's average order value of $520, which shows that consumers are willing to pay a premium for the opportunity to potentially extend their lifespan. And that $520 is not a one-time expenditure - they also average a 60% repeat order rate, an unprecedented level of recurring revenue for a healthcare company.

Sales are 100% direct-to-consumer and are made either as a one-off purchase or on a subscription model, the latter of which obviously triggers repeat customers and annual recurring revenue. The company averages around 1 million visitors to the site each month.

6,800 subscription customers account for $5 million in annual recurring revenue, reducing customer acquisition costs, increasing the average lifetime value of a customer and further contributing to the bottom line. The combination of low churn, high margins and AOV makes this a very special business, a unicorn in its industry.

Once manufactured, all products are tested at the source and again by US Labs. Only GMP facilities are used, ensuring optimum quality and consistency.
Despite minimal marketing, the website attracts 1 million monthly visitors, with the majority of customers acquired organically through word of mouth. In recent months, management has implemented a paid advertising strategy that is yielding quick, positive results, and a new owner has unlimited potential to pursue an aggressive digital marketing strategy and dramatically increase sales.

There are three main strands to the current efforts:

- Affiliate-style influencer marketing.Management has only recently scaled paid advertising, and the effort is showing promising results.

- Affiliate-style influencer marketing has also been implemented on a small scale, with 5% commissions paid on sales.

- The team has recently systematised this programme, which should pave the way for significant growth in the future.

- Finally, email marketing to a database of 75,000 subscribers has proved fruitful, with a 50% open rate and solid conversion rates. There is plenty of scope to refine campaigns and achieve excellent returns.

-The typical customer is 45 or older, mainly from North America, and evenly split between men and women. Based on the average order value, they are in the middle to upper income bracket.

Sales remain strong throughout the year in this evergreen niche, with subscriptions making a healthy contribution through recurring orders and revenue.

Working capital requirements are minimal as orders are paid for at the point of sale, advertising spend is minimal and the business has exceptional margins.
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