Structural steel manufacturing
  • Cession d'entreprise
  • Mise à jour le 23/01/2023
  • CA : 3 210 k€
Eléments chiffrés concernant la cession
En k€/année 2020 2021 2022 2023
CA 2230 3620 3 210
Marge brute
EBE 640 285 1 040
Rés. Exp.
Rés. Net
Salariés 15
Indications concernant les éléments chiffrés
Demonstrating strong earnings with valuable industrial land assessed at $4.8M, this company is well situated for sustainable growth with work-in-pipeline over $6.5M and a 33% EBITDA margin.

This turn-key manufacturing and construction operation is priced for a quick close, preliminary due diligence is available upon acceptance of an EOI.

A minimum expectation of value consideration is $7,500,000 for the combined assets (inclusive of real estate) and <2x most recent FYE EBITDA as goodwill. Preliminary due diligence available upon acceptance of an EOI.

Sale structure can be asset or share.